SubVersions Volume 6. 2018

We are pleased to announce that the latest edition of SubVersions—Journal of Emerging Research in Media and Cultural Studies (Volume 6. 2018), published by the School of Media and Cultural Studies is online. Please follow this link: http://subversions.tiss.edu/

This issue of SubVersions, being published after a long and unavoidable hiatus, brings together disparate themes and perspectives in ways only the allied areas of Media and Cultural Studies can. It is a mosaic of critical studies of institutions and practices, texts and contexts, and audiences and publics.

Devangna Singh, Dikshit Sarma Bhagabati, Ishan Vijay, and Malini Chidambaram

Not a Land of Street Magicians: A Study on Intergenerational Mobility among the Maseit Street Magicians of Kathputli Colony, Delhi

Nayantara Nayar

The Story of Fluke: An Examination of English Theatre as “Class Culture” in Chennai

Adwaita Banerjee

Histories in Slavery: Questioning Memory through Shetkaryacha Asud

Ketan Krishna

Bawarchi and Katha: The Production of the Urban Home

Aayushi Bengani

Narrative of the Native: In the Time of Neoliberal Fundamentalism  

Rajeswari Saha

Humour as the Weapon of the Weak: A Reflection on Comics at the Grassroots