MA MCS 2015-17


Prof. Vijay Tendulkar Gold Medal for the Best Student: Adwaita Banerjee

Narayan Surve Silver Medal and Prize for Second Best Student: Bhamini Lakshminarayan

Smitu Kothari Certificate for the Best Research Project: Adwaita Banerjee

Waqar Pyare Khan Certificate for the Best Media Project:
Culture Download 
Adwaita Banerjee
Amlan Das
Aayushi Bengani

Aayushi Bengani

MA dissertation: Our Love for the Man-Cub: A Study on Visual Adaptions of The Jungle Book
Films: Culture Download , Mithi Si

Abhimanyu Singh

Films: Kadak Bai ,Like Dust We Rise

Abir Dasgupta

MA dissertation: Bombay Bangs its Head : The Metalhead Fan Culture in Mumbai
Films: Wheels of Her Own , Why This Cow-laveri Di?

Adhvaidha K

MA dissertation: Commercializing Cultures, A look into the Lifestyle brands of India
Films: Wages of Change , Why This Cow-laveri Di?

Adwaita Banerjee

MA dissertation: The Coloured Mirror And The Hungry Earth: A Comparative Analysis Of Shetkaryacha Asud and Neel Durpan
Films: Culture Download , These Women in the Hills

Ajeet Mahale

MA dissertation: English Press Scribes on Bombay’s Labour
Films: Wheels of Her Own, Kapda Kamra Kachra

Akhil Vasudevan

MA dissertation: Love’s Life: Understanding Inter-caste Relationships Among Heterosexual Couples
Films: Wages of Change, Wo Dhuan

Ambu G

MA dissertation: The Avenging Feudals in Malayalam Cinema
Films: Wages of Change, Wo Dhuan

Amlan Das

MA dissertation: Old game in a new Field: A Study of Football Culture in India in the time of Sporting Leagues
Films: Culture Download, Wo Dhuan

Amrutha K P

MA dissertation: Kiss of Love: A study exploring protest, spaces and manifestations
Films: Wheels of Her Own, These Women in the Hills

Aparna Srivastava

MA dissertation: THAT STILL POINT OF THE TURNING WORLD: An exploration of the re-invention of the tradition of Bharatanatyam in Lucknow
Films: Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali, Mithi Si

Arya A T

Films: Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali, Like Dust We Rise

Bhamini Lakshminarayan

MA dissertation: Talking Bodies: Negotiations of “Womanhood” by Young, Middle-Class Women
Films: Wheels of Her Own, Kapda Kamra Kachra

Garima Kaul

MA dissertation: Impact of Migration of Language : A study of the changinglinguistic traditions and attitudes of the Kashmiri Migrant community in Delhi
Films: Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali, Like Dust We Rise

Milen Mathew John

MA dissertation: Pushing For Throne: LAN Gaming Cafes And the Social Dynamic of Video Gaming
Films: Kadak Bai, Mithi Si

Pralay nagrale

Films: These Women in the Hills, Wages of Change

Prerna Gupta

MA dissertation: Normalizing Nuclear: A Cultural Study of How India Learned to Love the Bomb
Films: Kadak Bai, Like Dust We Rise

Pruthviraj Shinde

MA dissertation: Chasing BrahminicaI Illusion; Textual Analysis of films Fandry and Sairat
Films: Wages of Change, Mithi Si

Ramdas K S

Films: Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali, Kapda Kamra Kachra

Sameer Daniel Gardner

MA dissertation: Inspired By True Events:Talvar, Black Friday and the Cinephiliac
Films: Kadak Bai, Why This Cow-laveri Di?

Sandeep Suresh

Films: Kadak Bai, Kapda Kamra Kachra

Sanghamitra Dutta

MA dissertation: Visual and Text Based Reviews: An analysis of Consumer Perception and Credibility of Text based and Visual reviews in E-Commerce
Films: Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali, Why This Cow-laveri Di?

Tanya Mishra

MA dissertation: Questioning Cages: A study of production of Gendered Spaces in Higher Education Institutes
Films: Wheels of Her Own, Wo Dhuan

Tufail Lone

Films:Culture Download, These Women in the Hills