MA MCS 2010-12


Prof. Vijay Tendulkar Gold Medal for the Best Student: Aakriti Kholi

Narayan Surve Silver Medal and Prize for Second Best Student: Shweta Ghosh

Smitu Kothari Certificate for the Best Research Project: Anurag Mazumdar 

Waqar Pyare Khan Certificate for the Best Media Project:
Breakin’ Mumbai
Aakriti Kholi
Sandeep Kumar Singh
Gin Khan Siam
Shweta Ghosh
Sumit Singh

Bharatmata Ki Jai
Anurag Mazumdar
Arpit Chakraborty
Avadooth Khanolkar
Shweta Radhakrishnan
Amol Ranjan

Aakriti Kohli 

MA dissertation: Construction of female sexual agency in contemporary Indian advertising
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai , Cornered City

Anurag Mazumdar 

MA dissertation: ‘Boipara’ to ‘Barnaparichay’: The transformation of College Street
Films: Bharatmata Ki Jai, Fish Tales

Arpita Chakraborty 

MA dissertation: A Forgotten Community in India: the Residents of Chhit Mahals
Films: Bharatmata Ki Jai, Kahani Pani Ki

Amol Ranjan

MA dissertation: Keeping alive the Street Theatre in India: A case study of the street players of Jana Natya Manch
Films: Bharatmata Ki Jai, Fish Tales

Avadhoot A Khanolkar 

MA dissertation: Marathi Cinema of this Decade (2000-2010)
Films: Bharatmata Ki Jai, Do Andolan

Devendra S Ghorpade

MA dissertation: Role of Media during Victimization of Deprived Populations- Khairlanji, 29 Sept. 2006
Films: Tamasha – A Rustic Drama, Kahani Pani Ki

Gin Khan Siam 

MA dissertation: Social Identity, Resistance and Metal Sub-Culture in India
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai

Joyashree Sarma 

MA dissertation: Representation of Women in Assamese Literature – 1985 – 2007
Films: A Home Here, Fish Tales

Kaikho Paphro Chachei 

MA dissertation: Mobile Culture: using internet through phones among the Mao Naga youth
Films: A Home Here, Do Andolan

Manoj B 

MA dissertation: The Maharashtra Folk Theatre Tamasha
Films: Tamasha – A Rustic Drama, Cornered City

Prakash Sao 

MA dissertation: Unique Identification Project of the Govt. of India
Films: Tamasha – A Rustic Drama, Kahani Pani Ki

Raju Hittalamani

MA dissertation: On the margins of power: Dalits in Print Media
Films: Tamasha – A Rustic Drama, Do Andolan

Sandeep Kumar Singh 

MA dissertation: Negotiating the Local: The ‘Adaptation’ of Hollywood Films Within Hindi Cinema
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai , City’s Edge

Sharib Aqlesh Ali 

MA dissertation: Imperialism, Islam and the Media – Investigating the political economy of the “War on Terror”
Films: Niswan-E-Mumbra, City’s Edge

Shazia Nigar 

MA dissertation: Politics of Education in Dantewara
Films: Niswan-E-Mumbra, Do Andolan

Shweta Ghosh 

MA dissertation: ‘Chakh-ing India through Khadya Bhramanti’- A study of the production, representation and reception of identities and spaces through food and travel shows on national and regional television
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai, Fish Tales

Shweta Radhakrishnan 

MA dissertation: Performing Caste: Exploring Caste and the Politics of Space in Kodungalloo
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai, City’s Edge

Sumit Singh 

MA dissertation: Phenomena of Product Placement in the Indian Entertainment Sector
Films: Breakin’ Mumbai, Do Andolan

Ufaque Paiker 

MA dissertation: Subaltern Understanding of Communalism
Films: Niswan-E-Mumbra, Kahani Pani Ki

Vikram Buragohain 

MA dissertation: Football culture and identity among the people in north-east India
Films: A Home Here, Cornered City