MA MCS 2008-10


Prof. Vijay Tendulkar Gold Medal for the Best Student: Ram K. Ranjan

Institute Silver Medal and Prize for Second Best Student: Sharanya Gautam

Smitu Kothari Certificate for the Best Research Project: Romit Chowdhury 

Waqar Pyare Khan Certificate for the Best Media Project:
Bombay Like That
Manasi Pareek
N. Bhargavi
Sharanya Gautam

Darpan Ved 

MA dissertation: KPower and cinema: a portrait of the Bollywood ‘struggler’
Films: The Monkey Mind: Stories and Struggles, From The Glass, I

Divya Zal Cowasji 

MA dissertation: ‘The Parsi Community and the Politics of Gendered Exclusion: Implications for the 21st Century’
Films: Inside Out, Greyscale

Jyotirmay Das 

MA dissertation: Regarding Crime: An Analysis of Representation of Crime in Hindi Cinema
Films: The Monkey Mind: Stories and Struggles, Greyscale

Kaustubh Chandra 

MA dissertation: An Exploration of the dynamics of the relationship between the civil society and the government as shown in mainstream hindi cinema and its reception by the youth
Films: The Monkey Mind: Stories and Struggles, Yours Anonymously

Lynne Henry Karahthra 

MA dissertation: ‘Healing’ through Expression: Living with Communal Violence
Films: The Monkey Mind: Stories and Struggles, From The Glass, I

Manasi Pareek 

MA dissertation: Resonating Notes: Songs and Poetry in the Dalit Movement
Films: Bombay Like That, From The Glass, I

N. Bhargavi 

MA dissertation: “Self-Perception and Identity of the Irular Community of M.G.R Nagar”
Films: Bombay Like That, Greyscale

Parool Sharma 

MA dissertation: Truth, tears, talent and TRPs: Watching Reality television in India
Films: Bombay Like That, There Are No Borders Here

Ram Krishana Ranjan 

MA dissertation: RExploring the dynamics of social exclusion in a post disaster situation: A study of two Panchayats in the aftermath of the Kosi flood in 2008
Films: After The Pill

Romit Chowghury 

MA dissertation: Adda, in Those Days and These: Modernity and Masculinity in Bengalis’ Adda
Films: After The Pill, Yours Anonymously

Sharanya Gautam 

MA dissertation: Issued in Public Interest: Television, Social Education and HIV/AIDS in India
Films: Bombay Like That

Shilpi Gulati 

MA dissertation: Dera se Dilli : Exploring Identity instruction of migrants from Dera Ismail Khan in Delhi
Films: Inside Out, There Are No Borders Here