Research on Hindi Cinema

M.A Dissertations

Ms. Ashwini Falnikar 2009 Exploring the character of the ‘Tapori’ in Bollywood.
Mr. Nikhil Thomas Titus 2009 Star Gazing: A Study in the construction of a star through the characters played by Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi and Mohanlal in Malayalam Cinema during the period of 1973-2007
Ms. Shalini Nirmal 2009 Devdas Revisited: An analysis of the various cinematic interpretations of Devdas
Ms. Shaira Sequeira Shetty 2009 The Representation of Goa in Bollywood.
Mr. Darpan Ved 2010 Main Bhi Star Banunga: A Study of Strugglers in Bollywood
Mr. Jyotirmay Das 2010 Regarding Crime: An analysis of representation of crime in Hindi cinema  between 1970-2009
Ms. Isha Pungaliya 2011 Crime: A Celebration in Bollywood
Ms. Uma Milind Ranade 2011 Representation of Indian Diaspora in Bollywood Films
Mr. Sandeep Kumar Singh 2012 Negotiating the Local: The ‘Adaptation’ of Hollywood Films Within Hindi Cinema
Ms. Epti  Pattnaik 2013 Star, Stardom and Salman Khan :  The Image of Salman Khan after the success of Dabangg
Ms. Krishna Ketan Panchal 2013 Zeenat Aman: The Ultimate Hippy
Mr. Pratik Bhakta 2013 Spotting the Queer in Mainstream Hindi Cinema
Mr. Bishaldeb  Halder 2014 The Spirit of Film Noir in Hindi Cinema
Ms. Ankita  Bhatkhande 2015 Batwaara Aur Vidroha: Gendered violence and female agency in partition films
Ms. Shreya  Sinha 2015 Extra-ordinary: Reading the Extra in Contemporary Bollywood Cinema
Ms. Shubhra  Dixit 2015 Images of women in prayer in Hindi Cinema
Ms. Aditi Saraswat 2016 The Strange, The Smart and The Imagined: Understanding Realism in Contemporary Hindi Cinema
Mr. Anand Gautam 2016 Blankness on Screen: What is ‘new age’ Hindi Cinema and its Politics
Ms. Arpita Katiyar 2016 Creating Dialogue: An Exploration into the Realist Depiction of Language in Hindi Cinema
Ms. Maanvi 2016 Cinema in Your Pocket: A Study of Young Women Watching Popular Hindi Films on Mobile  Phones
Mr. Sameer Daniel Gardner 2017 “Inspired By True Events”: Talvar, Black Friday and the Cinephiliac
Mr. Ketan Krishna 2018 Tea and Domesticity: Representations of the Urban Home in 1970s Hindi Cinema
Ms. Malvika 2018 Dil Baccha Hai: Looking for childhood in Hindi cinema Post 2010 films
Mr. Mohimarnab Biswas 2019 Shahrukh Khan & The Genesis of ‘Bollywood’
Mr. Aayush Chaturvedi 2019 Finding Dibakar Banerjee: The City and Society in the Films of Dibakar Banerjee
Ms. Medhavi Kimothi 2019 Violence, Victim, Villians in Partition Cinema and Literature
Ms. Yamini Nibhanupudi 2019 The Neoliberal Representation of women as criminals in Hindi Cinema
Ajaykumar Kripashankar Shukla 2020 Enabling/Disabling On Screen: Portrayal of Disability in Hindi Cinema
Vishruti Saraf 2020 Ignorance of influence of Tawaifs in enrichment of performing art culture and their contribution to Indian film industry
Vyshakh M 2020 Representation of student politics in Indian cinema
Priya Singh 2020 Portrayal of women in Shyam Benegal films


Papers in SubVersions: A Journal of Emerging Research in Media and Cultural Studies published by SMCS

Aditi Maddali Fantasizing Desire and Emulating Desirability Queer Spectatorship and Popular Hindi Cinema http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/aditi/
Ishani Dey ‘Beep’- the Sound of Erasure: The Censored Text as an Aesthetic Device http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/ishani/
Akriti Rastogi The Crowd and the DIY filmmaker: A Study of the DIY funding circuits of the dilettante http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue2/akriti/
Aakriti Kohli Some Notes on Negotiations around Sexuality and Consumption Practices among Young Women of Delhi http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol1-issue1/akriti/
Nirali Joshi “May I know who is on the line?”: Technology consumption, mobile telephony and the gender question http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol2-issue2/nirali/
Ranu Tomar Khabar Lahariya: A Feminist Critique of Mainstream Hindi Print Media http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol2-issue2/ranu/
Rajashree Gandhi Televisation of a Marathi Past: The Brahmanical emancipation of women in Uncha Mazha Zoka, a Marathi TV show based on Ramabai Ranade’s life http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol2-issue2/rajashree/
Ritika Pant I‘m a Drama Queen…But I‘m the Star you Love to See! Soap Operas, Melodrama and the Televisual Construction of Female Stardom http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/ritika/
Tarishi Verma Finger on your Lips: Indian Sanitary Napkin Advertisements and the Culture of Silence http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/tarishi/
Shivani Gupta Performance and Subversion in Kathak http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/shivani/
Sudha KF Looking into the Progressive: Yakshi’s Undoing http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue1/sudha/
Sujatha Subramanian Of Real Identities: Expressions of Femininity and Sexuality in Online Spaces http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue2/sujatha/
Ashwini Falnikar The Political of the Personal Blogs through Discussion of Women and Homes http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol3-issue2/ashwini/
Shivani Satija Negotiating Online Spaces through Subversive Bodies http://subversions.tiss.edu/vol-4-issue-1/shivani/