M A Dissertations

Abhishek B S Matters of the Past : Viewing Cultural Memory and Heritage through the Muziris Heritage Project
Abhishek Kindo Reinventing Rides: A Study of the Subculture of Modifying and Stunt riding Motorcycles in Ranchi,
Abhishek Vishwas Therkar A Stage in the Woods: Understanding Zadipatti Culture in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra
Abhra Singha Roy I Loved the Egalitarianism of the Moment! Understanding ‘power’ through coming-of-age sex stories of queer men
Alisha Dutta Nazarein Hum Ne Bhi Kya Dekhe:Swipe Right to Know More -  Deconstructing the Swiping Mechanism on Dating Apps
Ambadi B Evolving Discourses Of Transgender Politics In Kerela : A Study of State Policy for Transgenders in Kerala
Ameen Siraj K K More Than Just A Game:  A Study of Sevens Football in Malabar
Anant Gupta Lost In Disawar: Interrogating Narratives of Self - Construction and Identification among the Marwari Elite in Calcutta
Divyani Dubey Come As You Are : Exploring Women’s Engagement with Erotica and its Associations with Sexual Pleasure, Agency and Kink
Haneena P A The Sounds of Resistance and Memories An Exploration of Malabar Rebellion through Mappila songs
Isha Tyagi Not at Home in their Hometown: Understanding Spatial Subjectivities of Women in Meerut
Kartikey Tripathi Branding Beards: A Study of Evolving Middle-Class Indian Masculinities through the Politics of Facial Hair
Md. Shadab Khan God, Sex, And The Restless Hearts Of ‘Difficult’ Women: Reflections on Girls, Chewing Gum, and Fleabag.
Nishtha Jaiswal Swipe to Unlock: How Heterosexual Gen-Z Women’s Navigate Dating Apps in Delhi-NCR
Prateek Gupta Near Reparative Notes In Research, Gender-Sexuality And Ishness
Sayantan Banerjee “This is Our City Too”: Understanding Autistic Individuals’ Accessibility Needs and Negotiations in Public Spaces in Kolkata
Spoorthi Bammidi The Spilling Well Exploring Femininity and Sexuality in Alternate Music in India
Tulika Bhattacharjee An Ephemeral Love: Exploring Cinephilic Performance on Instagram and MUBI
Ayush Kumar Yadav Smartphone Technology and Rural OBC Youth Study of a Village in Uttar Pradesh
Kris Chudawala Trans Lives Matter:  On and Off the Silver Screen
Ajaykumar Kripashankar Shukla Portrayal of disability in Hindi Cinema and its impact on youth perception
Anagha Smrithi Comparative textual analysis of sex education curriculum in India
Anmol Saini Social media sexual harassment (#MeToo) Trials in the Digital age of Woke Millennials
Anna Binu Women in Photojournalism
Apoorva Jaiswal Female technician in Bollywood
Kavya Experience (s) from being from a women's college
Manasi Chandrakant Doke A study of Marathi serials from feminist and anti-caste perspective
Nayana Kirasur Caste and private schools
Omey Sathe Cast, Identity and Marathi Cinema
Poorvi Priya Ethnographic study of a circus
Pragya Haloi Instagrame as a marketing tool for small entrepreneurs
Prakriti Singh The everyday of women in Ayodhya after 25 years of babri masjid demolition
Prashant V. More Comparative study of dalit and non dalit documentary maker and representation of caste
Priyanshu Advent of influence culture: politics and business of fashion blogging on instagram
Rishika Revo Ethnographic exploration of Soka Gakkai international
Ritika Gupta Construction of Bihari Identity
Sankarsan Behera A study of NITI ayog proposed doubling of farmer's income by 2022; assessment of challenges and identifying wayouts towards arriving it.
Sreya Roy Chowdhury Looking at caste from an anti-caste Perspective – Navayana publishing house
Tanushree Rabha Assertion of Bodo Identity through Bodo traditional dress
Varun Pandey Understanding fales news distribution w. e. f. 2019 general elections
Vishruti Saraf Ignorance of influence  of Tawaifs in enrichment of performing art culture and their contribution to Indian film industry
Vyshakh M Representation of student politics in Indian cinema
Priya Singh Portrayal of women in Shyam Benegal films
Srishti Kapil Spoken word revolution
Isha Srivastava Body positivity movements on Instagram
Lavanya Rakesh An study of the Kochi Muziris Bienalle
Aishwarya Vasudev A Study of video- on Demand platforms in India
Chinar Mehta Viewing of pornography online by women
Harikrishnan H G Indian Rock as a sight of East – West Encounters
Jyoti  Nisha Appropriation of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Engagement of political leaders and academicians.
Kavya Chandel Pop Art and Identity
Mayura Choudhari King Bali and the Balai community
Meghna Nandy The Kolkata People's Film Festival as a space of Resistance
Mohimarnab Biswas Shahrukh Khan & The Genesis of 'Bollywood'
Pallavi Khare Military Folklore : A study of Jaswantgarh
Pragya Dhama Patriarchal Portrayal of Men in Hindi Cinema
Rachel  Alexander Dubbing Cultures
Subodh Wasnik Navayana Buddhism : A study of Cultural and Aesthetical resurgence
Timmayo Thumra Understanding Identity of the Tangkhul Naga Tribe across Indo-Myanmar borderline
Vivekina Koul Art as resistance and medium of expression in conflict areas : A case study of Kashmiri artists
Yaniam Chukhu Arunachal Cinema and the Politics of Language
Aayush Chaturvedi Finding Dibakar Banerjee: The City and Society in the Films of Dibakar Banerjee
Himanshu Saikia Understanding low – budget independent Assamese cinema in the post Ramdhenu era
Medhavi Kimothi Violence, Victim, Villians In Partition Cinema and Literature
Yamini Nibhanupudi The Neoliberal Representation of women as criminals in Hindi Cinema
Ankit Pareek Understanding the growing Football Culture in India in light of broadcasting changes
Jahnavi Reddy Assertion/ Articulation of a language based identity in the emerging dialect media of Telangana
Yogiraj Bhende Media Coverage on Farmer Issues
2016 – 2018
  • Understanding Life of Kunbi Women in Peasant Culture Through 'Shramgeete' Archana Madhukar Kaware
  • Aaj kal market mein fogg nahin feminism chal raha hain: A Study on the commodification of Feminism in Indian Advertising and its ReceptionBursenla
  • Media framings of the Kargil war Dheeraj Kumar Dubey
  • Quantitative Content Analysis of English and Vernacular Newspapers of Patna – Ishan Singh Bhadoria
  • Throne of films: A Study on Kannada films industry and Kannada film regulationsKamesh Shekar
  • Web Series in India: Probing the “Independence” of the Makers – Madhumoy Satpathy
  • City/Cinematic Space: Reflections on Representations of The Subarban in Kochi FilmsMrudula P
  • ‘Experiences of Migrant Sex worker women in Sonagachi: Understanding better the Violence associated with migration and sex workNayoneka Shankar
  • Media Representation and Rural Agricultural Distress: A Study in Yavatmal District of MaharashtraNikhil Gajanan Ambekar
  • STAGE FOR STAGE: Understanding Space in the Context of Contemporary Theatre in MumbaiNikhita Singh
  • HATE IN THE TIME OF CINEMA: Tracing the Evolution of Violent Mobile Phone Images Prthviraj Solanki
  • Women Sports: Gender, Body and Open Space – Ruchira Bharat Petkar
  • Mobile Theatre in Assam: The Shift and Struggles in a neo-liberal eraSankuraj Konwar
  • Metal Music Culture in KochiSarath P Raju
  • The Existential Monkeys Existential philosophy in the films of Nuri Bilge Ceylan and idea of the conflicted self. – Satyam Sai
  • Digital Nomads: Exploring the experiences of solo women travel bloggers Shreya K.A
  • All about English Vinglish : A Sociological Study of an 'English Speaking' Class Shrishti Malhotra
  • Face of the Leader: The Politics of the 'Modi masks' Sukrita  Baruah
  • Manga/Anime/Cosplay In Nagaland: A Fad Or To Stay? Vilo K Awomi
  • CREATING OUR OWN CANON Engaging with marginalised desires and sexualities in and through fanfiction – Srishti Raj
  • TEA AND DOMESTICITY: Representations of the Urban Home in 1970s Hindi Cinema Ketan Krishna
  • Dil Baccha Hai_Looking for childhood in Hindi cinema Post 2010 films Malvika
  • Critical Discourse Analysis Of An Indian Text From A Latin American Perspective A Study Of Roll No 21 Andres Camilo Orrego Ramiret
  • hokkolorob and Facebook - Sayan Bhattacharjee
2015 – 2017
  • Bombay Bangs its Head : The Metalhead Fan Culture in Mumbai Abir Dasgupta
  • Commercializing Cultures, A look into the Lifestyle brands of India – Adhvaidha Kalidasan
  • The Coloured Mirror And The Hungry Earth: A Comparative Analysis Of Shetkaryacha Asud and Neel Durpan Adwaita Subrata Banerjee
  • English Press Scribes on Bombay’s LabourAjeet Uday Mahale
  • Love’s Life: Understanding Inter-caste Relationships Among Heterosexual CouplesAkhil Vasudevan
  • The Avenging Feudals in Malayalam Cinema – Ambu G
  • Old game in a new Field: A Study of Football Culture in India in the time of Sporting LeaguesAmlan Jyoti Das
  • Kiss of Love: A study exploring protest, spaces and manifestationsAmrutha K P
  • THAT STILL POINT OF THE TURNING WORLD: An exploration of the re-invention of the tradition of Bharatanatyam in LucknowAparna Srivastava
  • Talking Bodies: Negotiations of “Womanhood” by Young, Middle-Class WomenBhamini Lakshminarayan
  • Impact of Migration of Language : A study of the changinglinguistic traditions and attitudes of the Kashmiri Migrant community in DelhiGarima Kaul
  • Pushing For Throne: LAN Gaming Cafes And the Social Dynamic of Video GamingMilen Mathew John
  • Normalizing Nuclear: A Cultural Study of How India Learned to Love the BombPrerna Gupta
  • Chasing BrahminicaI Illusion; Textual Analysis of films Fandry and SairatPruthviraj Shinde
  • Inspired By True Events:Talvar, Black Friday and the CinephiliacSameer Daniel Gardner
  • Questioning Cages: A study of production of Gendered Spaces in Higher Education Institutes Tanya Mishra
  • Visual and Text Based Reviews: An analysis of Consumer Perception and Credibility of Text based and Visual reviews in E-Commerce Sanghamitra Dutta
  • Our Love for the Man-Cub: A Study on Visual Adaptions of The Jungle Book – Aayushi Bengani
2014 – 2016
  • The Strange, The Smart And The Imagined (UNDERSTANDING Realism In Contemporary Hindi Cinema) - Aditi Saraswat
  • Screening The Indigenous Other A Study Of Two Television Serials In Assamese Language - Akash Basumatari
  • The Discourse Of Digital India Campaign : Invisibilizing Caste Identity - Akshat Jain
  • The Emergence Of The Adolescent Protagonist In Marathi Cinema - Akshay Sham Panse
  • Creating Dialogue An Exploration Into The Realist Depiction Of Language In Hindi Cinema - Arpita Katiyar
  • Charlemagne's Island: A Study On Gothuruth And Chavittunatakam - Geetha K Wilson
  • Cinema, In Your Pocket A Study Of Young Women Watching Popular Hindi Films On Mobile Phones - Maanvi
  • Of (F) Stage An Inquiry Into The English Theatre Cultures Of Chennai - Nayantara Nayar
  • Alternative Dalit Media: A Case Study Of Round Table India - Pranali Sanghajit Garud
  • Television Society: The Indian Urban Youth, Taste, Social Hierarchies Constructed - Priyamvada Jagia
  • Collective Brahminisation Of Bahujan Community The Reproduction And Reinforcement Of Brahminical Values And Culture A Case Study Of Politics Of Hindu Nationalist Forces Through WarkariKirtan - Rajendra Jadhav
  • The Perfect Bump Changing Representations Of Pregnancy In Contemporary Urban India - Shreya Katyayini
  • The 'SONG Divine' As Sung Today: Exploring Chinmaya Mission's Commentary And Discourses On Bhagavad Gita - Tanvi Khemani
  • A Room Of Their Own An Ethnographic Study Of A Beauty Parlour - Tarishi Verma
  • Inscriptions In The Air: exploring Dimasa Identity Through Orality, Language And Religion'. - Vishal Langthasa
  • Screening Telangana: Exploring Cinematic Discourse In Telugu Cinema - Arjun Chavah
2013 – 2015
  • New Ways Of Seeing: Same-Sex Desire and Popular Hindi Cinema - Aditi Maddal
  • Revisiting the Many Kabirs: The myriad musical evocations of the poet-saint in the contemporary times - Ananya Gaur
  • Batwara aur Vidroha: Gendered Violence and Female Agency in Partition Films - Ankita Bhatkande
  • Party Alliances and the Campus Student Politics: A Study Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University - Aurangabad and its Representation in Media.‘ - Anurup Khillare
  • Sharing Control? Algorithmic Image Production and Consumption - Ashwin Nagappa
  • Representation and Hindi Language Newspapers: A study in Bihar and Jharkhand - Atul Anand
  • ‘Looking for Jugni: The Muse, The Metaphor and The Journey - Deepti Murali
  • Searching the Lost Voice: Re-tracing Life history of a Dalit Woman Activist - Disha KR
  • "The Vilayati Punjabis: Portrayal of Women and Diaspora in Punjabi Cinema" - Elisha Walia
  • Malayalam Rock - Faebitha Rahiman
  • Stories of Naigaon: Meanings of Collective Politics Past and Present - Firdaus Soni
  • The Religious under-structure of the Pre-Christian Angami Society - Keduokhrietuo Sachu
  • Darjeeling Tea Plantations: Histories, Lives and Struggles’ - Kritika Agarwal
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Community Volunteering and Representation: (A Case Study of Waqt Ki Awaaz Community Radio Station) - Kshitij Katiyar
  • Not just a number, Not just a Game: A study of Sevens football in Malabar - Nevin Thomas
  • Bhramyomaan Theatre: The Mobile Theatres of Assam - Nishajyoti Sharma
  • Manto’s Bombay: Creating An Alternative Narrative Of 1930s-1940s - Prateek Shekhar
  • Identity-in-Conflict: Realising Realities in the midst of Fiction in Rehnuma Library, Mumbra - Reetika Subramanian
  • Extra”-ordinary: Locating the Background Artist in Contemporary Hindi Cinema - Shreya Sinha
  • PORTRAYAL OF MARGINALIZED IDENTITIES IN ‘NEW GENERATION’ MALAYALAM CINEMA: A case study of six films to analyze the politics of inclusions and exclusions - Shuaib Shafi
  • ‘Dharma and Desire: A Look at the Intersection of Religious and Sexual Performance in Popular Hindi Cinema of the 1990s’ - Shubhra Dixit
  • To Mingle and Make Friends Online: Lesbian and Bisexual Women in India and the Internet as a Safe Space to Socialise - Smita Vanniyar
2012 – 2014
  • Bharat Mata ki Betiyaan : Young Women, Identity and Hindutva – A Study of the Rashtriya Sevika Samiti – Aastha Tyagi
  • Shonpa Phoeba Kache : Understanding the Tibetan Muslim youth in Kalimpong – Anisa Bhutia
  • The Spirit of Film Noir in Hindi Cinema – Bishaldeb Halder
  • Production of Culture through the television show “Patturumal Ishal Marhaba” – Fareeda Muhammed
  • Notions of Tamil womanhood in contemporary Tamil Cinema – Gitanjali Somanathan
  • Sacred Groves of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh : A multifaceted institution – Munmun Dhalaria
  • Cinema in Manipur: A Study of Its Growth Dynamics – Pibathoi Naorem
  • Romancing Feminisms : Young Urban Feminists and their Dilemmas about Love, Sex and Desirability – Rajashree Gandhi
  • The Nation and Schooling: Exploring the manifestation of ‘nation’ in a non-denominational school in Mumbai – Ridhima Sharma
  • The Adaptation and Portrayal of Elements and Themes from Indian Mythology in Fantasy Fiction – Ruchi Sawardekar
  • The Stuntman of Kannada Cinema – Sandeep Viswanath
  • Emerging Screen : Understanding the Cinema of ‘Khandesh’ – Shivdas Thorat
  • Why This ‘KaadhalVeri’? : Making meaning of ‘love failure’ through the Tamil film song – Sriram Mohan
  • Gender, Space and Human Rights : Hijras in Mumbai – Silja Wurgler
2011 – 2013
  • Kanglawood: A study of Manipuri Films Post 2000 – A. Lohrii Francis
  • Marginalization, Displacement and the Forest Rights Act : A Study of the Rajiv Gandhi National Park in Karnataka – Ananda Siddhartha
  • Hope & Despair: The Case Study of Widows from Suicide Prone Vidarbha – Archana Vijay Sadar
  • Star, Stardom and Salman Khan : The Image of Salman Khan after the success of Dabangg – Epti Pattnaik
  • Transformation of televisual spaces of Indian comedy – Gursimranjeet Singh Khamba
  • Understanding Local News : A Case Study of Kalimpong Sub Division – Juanita Mukhia
  • Zeenat Aman : The Ultimate Hippy – Krishna Ketan Panchal
  • Gunda and Loha : A Study of Cult Film Cultures – Kshitij Pipaleshawar
  • Representation of The Eastern Nagas in the Local Newspapers of Nagaland: Nagaland Post and Morung Express – Likokba
  • Comic Kaun: Contextualising Comics in India – Mridula Chari
  • Austen’s Emma across Centuries and Cultures (A textual analysis of Emma and it’s adaptations) – Mrinal Singh
  • In the Silences of A Newsroom : Reflections on the Gendered Politics of a Profession – Nithila Kanagasabai
  • The Unlikely Stardom of Chiyan Vikram : Fan Cultures of Contemporary Tamil Cinema – Nitya Menon
  • Ambedkar in the Songs of his People ( A study of Cultural Resistance in Dalit Movement Through Songs) – Piyush Garud
  • “Spotting the Queer in Mainstream Hindi Cinema” – Pratik Bhakta
  • Reflections on Kathak: Gender and Sexuality.’ – Shivani Gupta
  • Graphic Meta-narratives: Exploring the Personal and Political in Comic Art – Shruti Ravi
  • Negotiating Pleasure and Resistance: Women Reading Femina – Sujatha Subramanian
  • Jagaran and Gondhal (An exploratory study of nomadic art and culture ) – Tanvi Barge
2010 – 2012
  • Construction of female sexual agency in contemporary Indian advertising – Aakriti Kohli
  • ‘Boipara’ to ‘Barnaparichay’: The transformation of College Street – Anurag Mazumdar
  • A Forgotten Community in India: the Residents of Chhit Mahals – Arpita Chakraborty
  • Keeping alive the Street Theatre in India: A case study of the street players of Jana Natya Manch – Amol Ranjan
  • Marathi Cinema of this Decade (2000-2010) – Avadhoot A Khanolkar
  • Role of Media during Victimization of Deprived Populations- Khairlanji, 29 Sept. 2006 – Devendra S Ghorpade
  • Social Identity, Resistance and Metal Sub-Culture in India – Gin Khan Siam
  • Representation of Women in Assamese Literature – 1985 – 2007 – Joyashree Sarma
  • Mobile Culture: using internet through phones among the Mao Naga youth – Kaikho Paphro Chachei
  • The Maharashtra Folk Theatre Tamasha – Manoj B
  • Unique Identification Project of the Govt. of India – Prakash Sao
  • On the margins of power: Dalits in Print Media – Raju Hittalamani
  • Negotiating the Local: The ‘Adaptation’ of Hollywood Films Within Hindi Cinema – Sandeep Kumar Singh
  • Imperialism, Islam and the Media – Investigating the political economy of the “War on Terror” – Sharib Aqlesh Ali
  • Politics of Education in Dantewara – Shazia Nigar
  • ‘Chakh-ing India through Khadya Bhramanti’- A study of the production, representation and reception of identities and spaces through food and travel shows on national and regional television – Shweta Ghosh
  • Performing Caste: Exploring Caste and the Politics of Space in Kodungalloo – Shweta Radhakrishnan
  • Phenomena of Product Placement in the Indian Entertainment Sector – Sumit Singh
  • Subaltern Understanding of Communalism – Ufaque Paiker
  • Football culture and identity among the people in north-east India – Vikram Buragohain
2009 – 2011
  • Dhrupad and the Guru Shishya Parampara: Interrogating musical transcendence through an alternative pedagogical framework – Ajinkya Shenava
  • Food Scape: The changing dynamics of food habits and culinary culture in Kolkata – Arindam Banerjee
  • ILM: Study of Madrasah Education in Latur District – Ayesha Maria Mualla
  • Tune Out: A study on Traditional Khasi Music – Dev Choudhuri
  • Crime: A Celebration in Bollywood – Isha Pungaliya
  • A Land Locked Ark: Salvaged and Created Elements of Tibetan Identity in Exile? – Ishani Dasgupta
  • Human Rights Violation in Assam: A Case Study of Secret Killings and AFSPA – Jenisha Borah
  • Y Politics: Understanding Youth Political Cultures in Mumbai and Media Representation – Meera Khokhani
  • Fashion, Beauty and Teenage Anxiety: A study of school girls’ responses in Lucknow – Shruti Dhapola
  • Representation of Indian Diaspora in Bollywood Films – Uma Ranade
2008 – 2010
  • Power and cinema: a portrait of the Bollywood ‘struggler’ – Darpan Ved
  • ‘The Parsi Community and the Politics of Gendered Exclusion: Implications for the 21st Century’ – Divya Zal Cowasji
  • Regarding Crime: An Analysis of Representation of Crime in Hindi Cinema – Jyotirmay Das
  • An Exploration of the dynamics of the relationship between the civil society and the government as shown in mainstream hindi cinema and its reception by the youth – Kaustubh Chandra
  • ‘Healing’ through Expression: Living with Communal Violence – Lynne Henry Karahthra
  • Resonating Notes: Songs and Poetry in the Dalit Movement – Manasi Pareek
  • “Self-Perception and Identity of the Irular Community of M.G.R Nagar” – Bhargavi
  • Truth, tears, talent and TRPs: Watching Reality television in India – Parool Sharma
  • Exploring the dynamics of social exclusion in a post disaster situation: A study of two Panchayats in the aftermath of the Kosi flood in 2008 – Ram Krishana Ranjan
  • Adda, in Those Days and These: Modernity and Masculinity in Bengalis’ Adda – Romit Chowghury
  • Issued in Public Interest: Television, Social Education and HIV/AIDS in India – Sharanya Gautam
  • Dera se Dilli : Exploring Identity instruction of migrants from Dera Ismail Khan in Delhi – Shilpi Gulati
2007 – 2009
  • ‘Cracking the Cooking Code’: Exploring the politics of representation in Cookery shows on television – Smita Lakra
  • Devdas Revisited: An analysis of the various cinematic interpretations of Devdas – Shalini Nirmal
  • Exploring the character of the ‘Tapori’ in Bollywood – Ashwini Falnikar
  • Representation of Child Sexual Abuse in Audio-visual Medium – Sneha Anand
  • The Performative in the Photographic: Negotiating Gender and Power in the Images of Tejal Shah – Subuhi Jiwani
  • The Changing Face of Bazaars, A study of the spaces of consumption in Thevara, Kerala – Nandita Mary Thomas
  • STAR GAZING: A Study in the construction of a star through the characters played by Amitabh Bachchan in Hindi and Mohanlal in Malayalam Cinema during the period of 1973-2007 – Nikhil Thomas Titus
  • Spaces of Journeys -An analysis of Space in the Delhi Metro System – Shephalika Mishra
  • Contesting Identities :Exploring the Issue of Identity Politics through Indian Documentary Films – Sanjay Pratap
  • Community Video in an Adivasi Area of Andhra Pradesh – Its Relevance, Reach and Potential – Karuna D’Souza
  • The Representation of Goa in Bollywood – Shaira Sequeira Shetty