Pranali Garud
Priyamvada Jagia
Tarishi Verma
Vishal Langhthasa

Duration: 24 mins
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English


Yours, Faithfully

‘Yours, Faithfully’ is a film which explores letter writing practices in Mumbai, by looking at the myriad ways in which people across class, age and caste relate to letters. It focuses on three different kinds of letter writing – professional, articulated by the letter writers in front of the General Post Office; personal, expressed through memories and personal narratives and political, through All India Letter Writers Association (AILWA) which believes in the letter as a tool to bring about socio-political change. Throughout the film, the letter writer emerges as an archivist, chronicler and activist, negotiating the realities of contemporary Mumbai. Through the letter writers of Mumbai, a tribe at once ancient and modern, the film relooks the city of Mumbai and maps out the fluxes and the transformations in the city.