B. Manjula

Duration: 48 mins
Language: Malayalam
Subtitles: English



Is transgender born, gendered or choice by freedom ? How good an F2M can root self identity in a male – female society ? What is the sexuality of an F2M while in sex with a women ? What does it mean to be labeled a lesbian, when you are an F2M transgender ? The film XXWHY on Sree Nandu, an F2M transgender from Kerala, India, poses many uncomfortable issues that question the notions of social positionalities and fixed gender identities. Twenty five – year – old Sree Nandu is the first in Kerala to come public with transgender identity. “Like a typical man, like a typical woman, I am a typical transgender” , declares Sree Nandu. The film scans the translucent layers of Sree Nandu’s opaque personality through the virtual space Sree Nandu has painstakingly carved out to reach the social space, hoping for a niche in the eluding comfort zone. Suffering and redemption, destruction and self destruction, love and hatred, pain and joy all go entwined and entangled in Sree Nandu, while the under current is accumulating trauma and the determination to survive. Quite strange in a social milieu where transgenders are still invisible and inaudible.