Abir Dasgupta
Sameer Gardner
Adhvaidha K.
Sanghamitra Dutta

Duration: 20 mins
Language: English and Hindi
Subtitles: English


Why This Cow-laveri Di?

Why This Cow-laveri Di? deals with the discourse around cow and bull slaughter in Maharashtra through a series of interactions with groups across ideological spectrums. Through conversations with gaushala managers (cow welfare trusts), beef traders, academics and government officials, the film follows the story of what people believe must be done when cattle is of no use to the farmer. Given the challenges the country faces, these questions are of paramount importance as the cow holds major significance in the country socially, politically and economically. Through dedicated sections for each of the arguments the film attempts to draw a holistic picture of the ideologies surrounding cow slaughter and also lays bare the nature of the discourse surrounding it. As the sections proceed they interact with each other and piece together the larger picture of Cow politics in India. The pieces are held together by excerpts from mainstream media news reports thus giving the viewer a greater understanding of the context and ramifications of this historically significant debate.