Adwaita Banerjee
Amrutha K. P.
Pralay Nagrale
Tufail Ahmad Lone

Duration: 21 mins
Language: English and Hindi
Subtitles: English


These Women in the Hills

“These Women in the Hills tells the story of not only a few individuals but of the general dynamics within the Deonar Dumping Ground, of who is allowed and who is not allowed to enter. It implicates the city in the process of looking at the way waste work is treated within such a space. The film tries to look at the waste workers and the kind of troubles they go through during their work, questioning the popular middle class notion of it being ‘dirty’.
The film broadly tells the story of the situation within the dumping ground, following the fires of early 2016, which left families devastated not only with illness but also with the prospect of loosing one’s only means of livelihood. “