Shilpi Gulati
Parool Sharma
Ram Krishna Ranjan

Duration: 12 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English


There are No Borders Here

‘There Are No Borders Here’ is an experimental documentary film which looks at the art of Shilpa Gupta, a contemporary artist based in Mumbai. The artist’s work revolves around the concerns of a woman living in a metropolitan city, grounded in political concerns, and is interpreted by the three young student film-makers bringing the experience of all four together. From the many themes which Shilpa Gupta’s art and installations look at, the film-makers have chosen a select few which deal with the ideas of collective memory, borders and nations, violence, terrorism, communalism, security and nationhood. This has been located a post-modern state of an individual and the anxieties which erupt from it, something which can be felt by every individual.