Ankit Pareek, Chinar Mehta, Timmayo Thumra, Yaniam Chukhu

Duration: 29 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English


The Dancing Lion of Mazgaon

Set in the backdrop of the Chinese New year, the film explores the associations between the Kwan Kung temple in Mazgaon, and the Chinese community of Mumbai. Once a source of many cultures, the small community now comes together on various occasions in this cityscape. While Mumbai once boasted of a thriving “Chinatown” in Kamathipura, ethnic Chinese people have migrated abroad for many reasons; leading to a sparse population in a place which once many Chinese families called their home. That said, Albert Tham has been looking after the temple for many years, and has lived in the city for almost 4 decades. Alex Yi, from Kanpur, has recently found his footing in the city. As Lili returns to India, where she spent her childhood, after 57 years, she talks of exclusions and persecutions that are as relevant today as they were in 1962. The dancing lion in Mazgaon is a tribute to the many cultures that call Mumbai their home, and also to those which are persecuted. In spite of this, there is a sense of faith that seems to transcend identities and ways of living. The film attempts to weave together stories of the present and the past, hinting at the complex ways in which identities are formed.