Munmun Dhalaria

Duration: 30 mins
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English


Tayiya Kanasu (A Mother’s Dream)

In 2014, The Malki Initiative started a conversation on maternal healthcare for the tribal mothers of Chamarajanagar, Karnataka. A participatory action research was conducted, which brought together VGKK, community representatives, the district health team and public health researchers.
This film tells the story of a healthcare crisis prevalent in indigenous women of the Soliga community in Southern Karnataka, India. Madevi, a Soliga woman leader and community coordinator for this research, highlights the problems faced by many pregnant mothers. Tara, binds together all these narratives as she navigates through various government health systems for her own pregnancy. Together, these two women represent two generations of Soliga mothers, facing very similar problems in accessing maternal healthcare, but hoping for a better future for themselves and their daughters.