Likokba Sangtam
Mrinal Singh
Shruti Ravi
Sujatha Subramanian

Duration: 28 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Take Back the Fight

Look alert, don’t look like an easy target!’- Deesha’s martial art classes equip young girls to handle threatening situations that arise in the outside world and within their families. Tanvi’s identity straddles the worlds of an everyday college student and a learner of martial arts. In doing so, she stands out amongst her peers as someone who brings knowledge of the latter to the former. Finally, in the absence of a do’s and don’ts handbook of self-defence, Tanya negotiates her way around the city with conviction in her belief system, sometimes tainted with self-doubt but always maintaining a sense of humour through it all. Take Back the Fight looks at three women, a martial arts instructor, a college student and a PR professional as they make their way through various public spaces in Mumbai. In the process, they question the safety discourses surrounding them and attempt to subvert the power structures within which they are located.