Ananyaa Gaur
Eleanor Almeida
Kshitij Katiyar
Priyanka Pal
Vaseem Chaudhary

Duration: 29 mins
Language: English and Hindi
Subtitles: English


Re-Imaging Dharavi

Touted as Asia’s largest slum, it would seem far-fetched to presume that Mumbai’s Dharavi could be a centre for international tourism. But so it is. For over a decade now, Dharavi’s congested alleys, its industries and diverse migrant communities have attracted tourists from all across the globe. The film explores the various aspects and dimensions of ‘slum tourism’ through interactions with the founding members of two tour companies that conduct ‘slum tours’ in Dharavi, interspersed with the perspectives of residents and local tour guides. The film tries to capture the various debates around tourism in Dharavi and its effect on the lives of those who live there. This ‘Re-Imaging’ of Dharavi has brought in its wake a number of questions. Is it ethical to conduct tours in a slum? What is the extent of the involvement of the local people? How is redevelopment going to affect Dharavi and the tourism there? Re-Imaging Dharavi looks for answers to these questions while attempting to understand the manifold implications of touring this space.