Firdaus Soni
Keduokhrietuo Sachu
Kritika Agarwal
Prateek Shekhar
Vaibhav B. Sorte

Duration: 31 mins
Language: Hindi and Marathi
Subtitles: English


Not Caste in Stone

The film tries to understand the significance of a temple while
delving into attributes like caste and power associated with it. It
tries to do so, through the story of a more than a century old temple in the heart of Mumbai city, in Dharavi. The Adi-Dravida, a dalit community from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu had started migrating to Bombay in the late 19th century. Apart from other occupations, most of the people from their caste worked in the leather tanneries. In the hustle of the Ganpati festival preparations, organized by the newly elected temple committee, the film explores the history of migration and occupation, understands how Matunga is an exclusionary space and the significance of the temple in everyday life of the people from this community.