Himanshu Saikia, Jahnavi Reddy, Rachel Alexander, and Timmayo Thumra

Duration: 18 mins
Language: Hindi and Marathi
Subtitles: English


Na Feriwala Kshetra

Sunita, Meera, and Dinesh are first-generation immigrants from within the state of Maharashtra and beyond, who work as vegetable and fruit vendors in Belapur, talk about their experiences of migration and survival in Navi Mumbai.
The film is an attempt to understand the experiences of Dinesh, Sunita, and Meera in migrating to Navi Mumbai, a city which they drive and sustain, but also a city which by design, denies them their right to occupy it with safety and dignity. How is the city designed to affect the experience of immigrants? How does it affect basic rights like education and housing? How is the precariousness of migration multiplied with the hostility of civic bodies towards hawkers? Why does the law meant to protect their right to livelihood fail them? Accompanying Sunita, Meera, and Dinesh to their homes, wholesale markets, and their place of work across the Konkan Bhavan in Belapur, these are some questions the film begins to ask.