Aparna Srivastava
Arya A.T
Garima Kaul
Ramadas Prini Sivanandan
Sanghamitra Dutta

Duration: 19 mins
Language: Hindi, English and Marathi
Subtitles: English


Kabhi Aana Tu Meri Gali

The film attempts to trace the parallel story of the process of gentrification in Kamathipura along with the disappearance of sex workers in the area. Based out of present-day (2016 and 2017) Kamathipura, the film attempts tcapture the voices of sex-workers and former sex-workers and speak to them about the value and necessity of their work, and the challenges they face in simply carrying out their profession on an everyday basis. While other professions too face issues of eviction owing to the redevelopment process, none of them bear the stigma of being shamed, defamed, and notorious. The film then explores the dynamics between redevelopers, sex-workers, and other professionals operating out of Kamathipura.