Gitanjali S
Mukta Patil
Rajashree Gandhi
Ridhima Sharma

Duration: 29 mins
Language: Hindi and Marathi
Subtitles: English


Kaaye Kaaye Sexual

‘Kaaye Kaaye Sexual’ brings to you the voices of three individuals – Meet, Shruti and Rodya who identify themselves as bisexual, queer and asexual respectively. As the three protagonists share with us a slice of their lives, they raise some complex questions about the meaning of their sexual identities, their relationship with the LGBTQI movement in the city of Mumbai, the role that the city has played in their ‘sexual awakening’, the politics of sexuality and more. While the film explores the marginalization of certain forms of sexuality in the larger heterosexual world and even in some ‘progressive’ spaces, it is just as much about Meet, Shruti and Rodya, their personal subjectivities, their likes, dislikes and even some of their quirks.