Ashwin Nag
Aditi Maddali
Priyanka Pal
Shreya Sinha
Robin Zutshi

Duration: 21 mins
Language: Marathi and Hindi
Subtitles: English


Jaat Baaja Baraat

‘Jaat Baaja Baraat’ is definitely a film about marriage… but whether you look at two unfolding stories of love lost and love regained in Bombay, the twisted tale of a twenty-something woman seeking marital bliss, or listen to the disembodied voices of insecure filmmakers- the one thing you cannot escape is caste. Through the stories of Shekhar and Shanti, Rajesh and Bhavana, and the voices of the Arya Samaj and the All India Democratic Women’s Association, the film attempts an exploration of love and inter-caste marriage in the city of Bombay.