Aanchal Kataria
Archana Sadar
Juanita Mukhia
Kshitij Pipaleshawar
Tanvi Barge

Duration: 20 mins
Language: Marathi
Subtitles: English


I Am My Own Companion

Poetry has been a potent form of resistance and expression. I Am My Own Companion is a story of two women, who navigate through their experiences framed by their identities. For Sharda Navale, poetry is a form of self-expression by weaving together her personal experiences and her angst towards injustice. Her poems address working women and the claustrophobia associated with their personal and professional spheres. Is the presence of women in traditionally male – dominated areas symbolic or a reality of changing times? Chaya Koregaonkar weaves her poems around this argument and expresses how real power still evades women. The grey terrain marked by the responsibility of being both a home maker and a woman focused on her career is a recurring theme in their poems.This film visualises their poems through the spaces and people who inspire them.