Avadhoot Khanolkar
Sumit Singh
Shazia Nigar
Raju Hittalamani
Kaikho Paphro

Duration: 17 mins
Language: English,Hindi and Marathi
Subtitles: English


Do Andolan

Slums such as Jai Ambe Nagar and Sathe Nagar in M (East) Ward have been repeatedly demolished by the BMC demolitions as they are dubbed encroachments. Both Rabia, from Sathe Nagar and Manisha, from Jai Ambe Nagar are involved in the Ghar Bachao, Ghar Banao Andolan (GBGBA) a movement engaged with housing struggles in the slums of Mumbai. The film explores the negotiations they and other women make in their daily lives, as they manage their homes and participate in the movement to save their homes.