Anjali Monteiro
K P Jayasankar

Duration: 16 mins
Language: English
Subtitles: English


Climate Justice For All

‘Climate Justice For All’ depicts the impacts of climate change affect the most vulnerable: the marginalized majority of the world. The implications for India are enormous as about 60 % of the population can be said to be marginalized. These communities are rooted to their local environments and resources. India’s per capita energy consumption is low because 70% of India’s population still lives in rural areas; their growth and development needs will mean an exponential growth in demand for energy, even at basic sustenance levels. It is not possible to integrate the development needs of the poor with a reduction of levels of emissions in the atmosphere, unless India adopts a low-carbon path to development, which takes into consideration the carrying capacity of the Earth. In 2009, SMCS in collaboration with the Indian Network of Ethics and Climate Change (INECC) produced this film, which was used at the Copenhagen Summit on Climate Change in December 2009 to generate awareness on the impact of climate change on marginalised communities in India.