Shweta Ghosh

Duration: 47 mins
Language: Marathi
Subtitles: English


Chatkorichya Athvani

‘Chatkorichya Athavani’ (A Slice of Memory) features Bhalchandra (Appa Ajoba) and Kalindi Morje (Kaku Ajji), the oldest surviving members of the Morje family that settled in Vengurla in the 19th century. In an attempt to chronicle their lived histories in the Konkan coast, the filmmaker, also their grand niece, stumbles upon an ancestral history of her multicultural self. Within blurry childhood memories of her maternal family and Vengurla, simmer questions of origin, belonging and home. As she begins to weave Appa’s handwritten account of his early life and times and Ajji’s recollections, she negotiates with her own experience of placelessness, only to find home in the sizzle of fried bangra (mackerel), warmth of triphala spices and luscious, golden Alphonsos.