Akshay Panse
Tanvi Khemani

Duration: 13 mins
Language: Hindi
Subtitles: English


Chadariya Jheeni

When Neeraj’s wife was diagnosed with cancer five years ago, they moved to Mumbai from Bihar to get medical care at Tata Memorial Hospital. A severe shortage of space in the hospital and a lack of other viable options in the city rendered them virtually homeless. They live on the pavement opposite the hospital along with hundreds of other migrant patients for months on end. Their lives have changed completely after the diagnosis and Neeraj has been a cancer caregiver over the course of her prolonged treatment, which has so far been unsuccessful. Neeraj and his wife remind us that our bodies and indeed life itself, are like a finely woven and fragile tapestry, in Kabir’s words, a”chadariya jheeni”- worn thin, perhaps, by suffering, but beautiful nonetheless.