Shreya Katyayini
Shreya Sachan
Arjun Chavah
Swati Kamble

Duration: 27 mins
Language: English and Hindi
Subtitles: English


Carrom ke Turram

“Carrom might not necessarily be the light at the end of the tunnel, but some light along it.”- Rishi Mazumder
Carrom ke Turram (2016) explores the sport of carrom and the culture of carrom clubs in Mumbai. The movie weaves together three narratives to talk about the love that people have for carrom. For some it is a means of entertainment, for others it is their livelihood and there are also those who are totally addicted to it! There is an attempt to gauge it from different perspectives to discover what makes Mumbai so conducive to a sport like carrom. Not only this, the movie tries to demolish the negative stereotypes that popular culture and the society have established around this sport. It questions the lack of support in the country, as is the case with other indigenous sports.