Gender | Media | Culture Blog

The third semester course, ‘Gender, Media, Culture’ offered at the School of Media and Cultural Studies by Dr. Shilpa Phadke had a collaboratively curated syllabus with the students of the course and their work has been uploaded on the blog – https://gendermediacultureblog.wordpress.com/

The intention has also been to see students as creators of media rather than just as consumers. The world wide web has ensured that publishing is now something that many of us, at least those who have the privilege of access to technology and to literacy, have access to.

This blog includes all the writing students did for the course. Three kinds of texts are presented. One is an interrogation or a creation of media texts. The second is a note that engages with the texts the students choose as their contribution to the syllabus. And the third includes syllabi designed by students on themes that they chose. The three are structured under the categories: Interrogating Media, Reading Texts and Creating Syllabi.

The blog is created and maintained by Chinar Mehta (Batch 2019) of the school.