Call for Applications – Data Analyst, Social Media Specialist, Visual Designer

Call for Applications for Data Analyst, Social Media Specialist, Visual Designer


This project is funded by the U S Consulate, Mumbai, aims to study gender representation in Hindi films both on-screen and off-screen through quantitative research and examine gender issues in the making of films, directing films and audience perspectives of gender representation through qualitative research.

About SMCS

 The School of Media and Cultural Studies, (SMCS) of the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai is engaged in media teaching, production, research and dissemination. A unique feature of the School is the close linkage between its technical and academic work. The work of the School facilitates a synergy between research, teaching and production, all of which are informed by a keen sense of connection with local subaltern cultures of resistance and invention. Production is an important component of the School’s work. Its films are widely distributed and used. The School is involved in media and cultural studies research and offers a two years Masters degree in Media and Cultural Studies.  More details about the School – (www.smcs.tiss.edu). The documentary films made by the School Faculty and students are available on https://www.youtube.com/user/SMCSchannel


SMCS, TISS is seeking applications for Research Project: “Lights, Camera, and Time for Action”: Recasting Gender Equality Compliant Hindi Cinema. SMCS, TISS is seeking to hire individuals for the positions of Data Analyst (1 position) and Social Media Specialist (1 position) for this project and Visual Designer.

Please see the details of all the positions listed in the pages following this. The deadline for applying for all the positions is 22nd August 2022. The shortlisting of the applicants and the online interviews will take place by 29th August 2022. All the positions are on assignment basis and will require hybrid mode of work where onsite presence will be required on work need basis. Please apply to the positions that most suit your interest and aptitude.


Prof Lakshmi Lingam

Dean, School of Media and Cultural Studies

TISS, Mumbai.


About the Positions and the Requirements

Data Analyst: 1 position


The School of Media and Cultural Studies, TISS, has a project funded by the US Consulate, Mumbai, which aims to study gender representation in Hindi films both on-screen and off-screen through research studies to study gender in Hindi films; examine hierarchies and discriminatory practices within the film industry and advocate for addressing the same to herald changes in the industry.

This is an important research-based position of this project. The incumbent of this position can work on remote assignment basis in coordination with the Project team.

Roles & Responsibilities:

To conduct a quantitative data analysis of the dataset in two samples Sample A from 25 blockbuster films (N1=1503 characters) and Sample B from 10 women-oriented films (N2=427 characters). The dataset contains 36 categorical (binary in some cases) measures for 14 variables. The study aims to test if there are significant gender differences of character representations within and across the 2 samples. We wish to also carry statistical analysis on the most prominent forms of gender stereotyping in films.

Minimum requirements:

  1. Master’s degree in any discipline.
  2. Competent in any one of the following statistical packages: SPSS, STATA, R
  3. Experience with statistics of large data sets


Duration of the appointment:

Two months


 The total remuneration is Rs 100,000 inclusive of TDS and the amount will be paid in two installments (1) Rs 60,000 against the complete analysis of the Sample A and Sample B and submission of tables and data representation as figures, diagrams and  (2) Rs 40,000 against the statistical analysis and submission of the tables and all the interpretations.


To apply:

Interested candidates may submit their CV with information of all the projects where data analysis has been undertaken. The CV has to contain two references of individuals with name, email id and contact number, for whom work was rendered or who are conversant with the candidate’s capabilities. The subject line ‘Data Analyst Application – Your Name’ by 22nd  August 2022 to smcs@tiss.edu


Social Media Specialist (1 position)


This multi-pronged project includes an array of activities: research studies to examine and reflect gender discrimination within Hindi film industry and information dissemination of the study findings through study report, podcasts and other social media outputs; conduct workshops and panel discussions among relevant audiences to create greater awareness of gender disparities and engage with critical media and film influencers on the findings of the study and work towards policy guidelines for gender parity. The incumbent will be required to reach out to diverse audiences including but not limited to film and media students, film industry leaders and influencers, and the general public.


Role & Responsibilities:

  1. Develop communication strategies for the project
  2. Creation of high-quality communication content such as short videos and editing images/videos bytes from the research team, share data points from the project to create significant digital presence and create a buzz on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  3. Set up a dashboard to track /monitor work with relevant audiences connected via social networks and create periodic reports of social media buzz
  4. Manage the project/school website

Minimum Requirements:

  1. Bachelors/Master’s Degree in any discipline
  2. Relevant work experience of 2 years in the domain of social media with added experience in editing videos and photos



 September 2022 to Feb 2023


 Total remuneration to be paid in installments against monthly deliverables is Rs 200,000 including TDS deduction. 


To apply:

 Interested candidates or agencies that can assign resources for this project may submit their CV or organizational profile along with links to all the work done and available on the internet. The CV has to contain two references of individuals with name, email id and contact number, for whom work was rendered or who are conversant with the candidate’s capabilities. The subject line of the email has to be ‘Social Media Specialist Application – Your Name’ by 22nd August 2022 to smcs@tiss.edu


Visual Designer Consultant/Agency for reports and media outputs



The project is engaged in research studies on subject of gender representation in Hindi films. There is one quantitative and three qualitative studies being undertaken. The quantitative study has three components: (Part one) On-Screen gender representation through a sample of 35 films (Top 25 top grosser Hindi films in the year 2019 and 10 women-oriented films across 2012-19) using indicators such as demographics, occupation, domesticity, sexualization, sexual objectification, prescriptive gender norms, punishment, rewards and physical presence (Part Two) Off-screen gender presence of women in Hindi film crew and (Part Three) Women in positions of relevance in the Film Ecosystem.


  1. Compile the entire study report with infographics and format the report and
  2. To work with statistical as well as textual data and design infographic content in easy to understand graphics and convey important data points


Minimum Requirements:


  1. Academic graduate qualification in any discipline for individuals or qualified team of individuals if it is a designing agency
  2. To be well versed with infographics tools including software and be able to present relevant data points in a simple and visually appealing form for the report as well as for all dissemination meetings of the project, and
  3. Relevant work experience of 2-3 years in the area of infographics in domain of research and demonstrated experience of delivering such work for other clients.



 Assignment basis from September 2022 to February 2023


Remuneration to be paid in installments against deliverables listed in the Tasks section totaling to

Rs 500,000. 


To apply:

Interested candidates or agencies located in India may submit their CV/organisational profile with the subject line ‘Visual Designer Application – Your Name’ by 22nd August 2022 to smcs@tiss.edu

Names, addresses, email id and contact numbers of two references of individuals or organisations for whom work has been undertaken and delivered has to be indicated in the CV or organisational profile information.

The shortlisting of the applicants and the online interviews will take place by 29th August.  The appointment of an individual or an agency is strictly for fulfilling the project related deliverables. Tasks can be undertaken virtually and onsite presence may be required occasionally.